Summer in a Glass!

Summer in a Glass!

Posted by EWWines on 1st Aug 2022

Summer is most definitely upon us. To celebrate, this blog will focus on the corners of our list that we think offer that “Summer in a Glass Feeling” i.e. maximum fun no matter what your budget!   Hopefully enjoyed in the sunshine, with friends or family, and especially while on holiday...

Our first suggestion has got to be THE wine of the summer! Tiny, tiny production so grab yours whilst you can! We are excited to introduce Lost in a Field “Frolic” Pet-Nat by Tim Wildman MW and winemaker Daniel Ham (Offbeat Wines). Definitely summer in a glass here!

Frolic is a blend of 21 “heritage grape varieties” from vineyards in seven English and Welsh counties! When Tim came back from Oz to make a Pet Nat in England, he discovered vines on the verge of extinction. That is what the project is all about. The Lost Vineyard Preservation Society is a grassroots project which has kickstarted a search and rescue of Britain’s abandoned and neglected “heritage vines” and celebrates the return to the hobbyist style small plots farmed by passionate winemakers in garden sheds! Wildman knew he wanted to make his Pet Nat from English “heritage varieties” – the obscure German cross varieties planted throughout England during the second half of the 20th century. Varieties such as; Huxelrebe, Reichensteiner, Schönburger and the more pronounceable Seyval Blanc and Madeleine Angevine, Dornfelder, Rondo and Regent. Tim thought that by using these “heritage varieties” would be the best way to make an aromatic and delicious Pet Nat. A Pet Nat short for pétillant naturel is as the name suggests a low sugar naturally sparkling wine aka the ancestral method. This is a very old method in which at its simplest the fermentation is interrupted and the wine is bottled and sealed which traps carbon dioxide as the fermentation resumes (hopefully). The wines are therefore mostly unfiltered with visible sediment and often less alcohol and pressure than for example a traditional method sparkling wine and can be capped rather than requiring the cork and cage closure of Champagne. If you would like to learn more about Frolic we suggest reading Jancis Robinson’s recent article whilst sipping a glass of Frolic in the sunshine.

Our next highlight is Bosue Vineyard Rose 2019. Paul the winemaker was recently in-store for a free tasting session, so we took the opportunity to ask a couple of questions because they too do things a little differently. We discovered that their tiny 550 bottle production of this wine is 100% Regent, a modern hybridised variety mentioned above with no reserve wine. Paul riddles and disgorges by hand in small batches. Riddling and disgorging started in April 2022. This means there is almost two years on the lees, more than double the requirement for wine labelled “Quality Sparkling Wine” in England which adds a character to the wine of toast or pastry. Rhubarb, cranberry, redcurrants and tart raspberry on the nose with a delicate rose and leafy character and the toasty layers too. The acidity is high and the red fruits are crunchy and bright almost like biting into a crisp pink lady apple. Super refreshing on a summer's day with a little sweetness on the finish.

The Regent vines were planted in 2005. They were advised Regent would balance the strong earthy flavours of their other red variety, Rondo. Regent has excellent natural disease resistance to mildew and is late budding (which avoids spring frosts) and early ripening (allows more fruit character and a better chance of ripe fruit) which is ideal for sparkling wine production in our marginal, often damp climate here in Cornwall to balance the natural high acidity that our climate creates.

We also have an incredible range of gins distilled in Cornwall and all corners of the UK! However, a gin that we could not overlook is the Loveday Golden Hour Gin. This gin is distilled with grapefruit, pink peppercorns and cardamom in small batches and bottled at 45% to allow the citrus oils to shine. This is a pink gin like no other, delicious, fresh, bitter-sweet, and a little floral. Our perfect serve is with friends over ice with premium tonic of your choice and a slice of grapefruit whilst watching the sunset.

Another gin which screams of summer to us is the Wrecking Coast Clotted Cream Gin -100% Cornish strawberries freshly pressed from the renowned strawberry fields of Boddington’s Berries with no added sugars, flavourings or sweeteners. Balanced with light Italian juniper, black peppercorns, lime zest and fragrant elderflower these natural ingredients deliver a rich berry sweetness with floral notes and hints of candy. Our Perfect serve: pour over plenty of ice and top with either an elderflower tonic or lemonade, garnish with fresh sliced strawberries and allow the flavours to combine so you can enjoy the taste of summer in your glass! We are excited to announce that Wrecking Coast have just released a very limited production Batch One 8 Year Old Rye Whiskey (only 306 bottles!) which they have been busy ageing and finishing in a sherry cask. Secure a bottle of their first release while you can. 

A particular favourite for summer is Tarquin’s limited release Pink Lemon, grapefruit and peppercorn gin. This deliciously Dry Gin comes with a free Pink Tarquin's Metal cup (while stocks last) and is distilled with rare Pink Lemons, juicy Pink Grapefruit and fiery Pink Peppercorns in Tarquin’s flame-fired copper pot stills on the Wild Cornish Coast. It’s a fantastically refreshing gin bursting with juicy citrus and exotic spice. The colour is a delicate blush and the palate finishes with red fruits and natural sweetness. Get yours now while stocks last! Our perfect serve is in your free pink Tarquin's metal cup over ice with a sprig of rosemary and a Mediterranean tonic, delightful!

Following on from the Tarquin’s beach ready cup, we also have incredible can format suggestions. Versatile and portable and 100% recyceable which makes them perfect for a picnic, countryside walk, BBQ on the beach or after a sunset paddle board with friends. To help celebrate we have a summer special 25% off offer ALL canned wines in-store or online. Canned wines have a reputation for poor wine, but this is no longer the case! We list the IGO range, premium and organically certified wines from Navarra Spain. Igo in a can is the deliciously spontaneous answer to wine on the move; wherever you go, Igo!!

Finally, from Croft Port House the delicious Croft Pink Port and Tonic. The original Croft Pink was the first ever rose port!  When premixed with tonic it offers vibrant flavours of ripe strawberry, raspberry, cherry and citrus. It has lovely nuances of honey and grapefruit, with a dry and attractive finish. Designed to be enjoyed in the countryside, at the beach. Best served over ice but equally good straight from the can.

Whichever you go for we wish you a fun filled and happy August. Fingers crossed the sun shines for us all!