Croft Pink Port & Tonic 250ml Can

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The original Croft Pink with vibrant flavours of ripe strawberry, raspberry, cherry and citrus mixed with tonic water. It has lovely nuances of honey and grapefruit, with a dry and attractive finish.

Croft, founded in 1588, is the oldest company that still remains active as a Port wine producer. The Croft family, originally wine merchants in York, played an important and prominent role in the history of the Port wine trade. Croft Port is renowned above all for its vintage ports and its range of wood aged reserves and tawnies, time-honoured styles refined by skill and experience passed down the generations. Original, unique and innovative, croft pink was the first-ever rosé port. The Croft Pink & Tonic is presented in a practical, convenient, 100% recyclable, and elegant 250ml can. It’s designed to be easy to transport and to chill, being perfect for enjoying in a moment of relaxation, at home or outdoors, in the countryside or on the beach, with friends and family.

Serve chilled, on ice or on the go, directly from the can.

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