Low Alcohol Selection (6 Bottles)

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Low Alcohol Selection (6 Bottles)

A fun and diverse case with low or no alcohol but still full of flavour and interest.  Case includes;

Botivo Slow-Sipping Botanicals - Fresh citrus and aromatic herbal notes with an addictive bittersweet backbone. The best non-alcoholic aperitivo! Perfect serve: 25ml of Botivo, 150ml of Soda Water or Light Tonic Water over ice. Garnish with a slice of orange. Each bottle contains 20 servings. Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, Wildflower Honey, Fructose, Gentian, Wormwood, Rosemary, Thyme & Orange Zest RAW & UNPASTEURISED. 2 year shelf life, use within 1 year once opened.

Pentire Margarita - A healthy riff on the classic Margarita, Pentire's coastal botanicals are blended with lime, agave, sea salt and a dash of Mexican chilli to create a fresh and zingy cocktail that's entirely ready to drink. To serve: Pour 100ml into a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a lime wedge and a slice of chilli.

Pentire Coastal Spritz Aperitif - Pentire’s signature coastal botanicals are carefully blended with Blood Orange, Sea Rosemary and Oakwood to create the perfect balance of natural bitter flavours and refreshing coastal tones. Made in collaboration with bartenders, pour 50ml Pentire Coastal Spritz into a tall glass full of ice. Add 150ml Light Tonic or Soda and then garnish with a wedge of orange and a bay leaf.

Wave Length Ruby Aperitif - Dive nose-first into wild herbal aroma, followed by a cool wave of zest and spice, before kicking back with lasting bittersweet citrus. Created for fine food, great company and moments that matter. Mix over ice at the start of the night. How To Serve 50ml Wave Length Ruby Aperitif 200ml tonic water Pour over ice Serve with a slice of pink grapefruit Ingredients Hibiscus, Lavender, Wormwood, Pink Peppercorn, Orange Zest, Pink Grapefruit Zest How?Our non-alcoholic drinks are bursting with richness and depth of flavour, mastered through our fermentation process. Our know-how in fermenting, infusing and blending has resulted in an underlying (and sometimes surprising) zing and freshness to our aperitifs and digestifs.

Wild Idol Alcohol Free Sparkling Rose - Vibrant, handcrafted, and naturally alcohol free wine, WILD IDOL Sparkling Rosé is a beautiful twilight pink in the glass, with delicate bubbles and abundant in fresh, aromatic fruit notes.  Vegan, gluten-free, alcohol free and low calorie, it is hand-crafted using wine-making techniques and a superior blend of elegant, fruit-forward Müller Thurgau and Merlot grapes, for an authentic non-alcoholic wine experience.

Vilarnau 0.0% Organic Sparkling White - An Organic, zero alcohol sparkler that actually taste good! Completely vegan, they also have 70% fewer calories than any other regular cava.