Spring has sprung; Rose is Not Just for Summer!

Spring has sprung; Rose is Not Just for Summer!

Posted by EWWines on 5th Apr 2024

Finally, there is hope for an early BBQ! It is a little lighter, warmer and less damp, thank goodness for that! This blog will explore rose wine, the basics of how rose wine is made and focus on some of our favourite food and pairing options which will hopefully inspire you to start enjoying more rose wines this April and explore this brilliant and diverse style of wine.

Basic Rose Winemaking

The black grapes are generally harvested earlier than grapes destined for Red Wine production because higher acidity, less ripe fruit flavours and lower sugar levels in the grapes are desirable for most Rose wines.

When the fruit reaches the winery, it is either greeted with sulphur or with immediate chilling which protects the delicate fruit flavours and freshness. The grapes are then gently crushed which releases their juices. Unlike with red wine where colour and tannins are normally required (therefore the skins remain in contact with the juice for a long time), in Rose wine production the grape skins are removed from the juice after only a few hours of fermentation resulting in attractive pink-orange hues and delicate fruity aromas by a gentle pressing process. The longer the skin contact, the darker the hue.

This delicate pink juice continues to ferment in sealed stainless-steel tanks at cool temperatures. This slow, low temperature and inert vessel during fermentation is critical to protect the delicate colour, aromas and flavours desired in almost all rose wines.

After fermentation most rose wine is bottled immediately to preserve the fresh and fruity style. However, some wine makers add complexity by undergoing a period of ageing to further develop flavours.

Rose wine making is an art, and it is difficult to simplify the wine making process. However, the art of good rose using this method lies in attentive technical winemaking, careful timing, well managed cool temperatures during fermentation and the highest quality fruit to begin with.

To visualise this process, a great short video is available to watch here:

Rose Wine Making

Mas de Cadenet

This is a hand picked organic rose which is incredible from the Negrel family. We find oodles of citrus, redcurrants, wild strawberries, peaches and hints of garrigue on the finish and it is very good indeed! It is simply one of the best Provence rose’s available at its price point in the UK right now.

Interested to learn more about Mas de Cadenet Rose wines? We are excited to be hosting Mas de Cadenet in May 2024. They are one of the most prestigious producers of Provence wines in the sunny South of France; we can’t wait for this tasting. Purchase your tickets HERE to join us.

Below is a short video which highlights the microclimate of Provence made by Mas de Cadenet if you can’t wait until May to find out more!

Perfect Rose Pairings

Most Rose wine is delightful and suitable for all seasons, occasions and dishes. We will highlight a few of our favourite Rose wines now and share our favourite Spring inspired food pairings for these wines to spark your imagination.

From the most delicate pink of Provence to the dark, bold and fruit driven Spanish Garnacha wines, we have a bottle to suit every occasion, taste and budget. We recommend sipping on your choices as you soak up the Cornish rays or pair with your favourite picnic snacks for that memorable outdoor experience or early BBQ with family and friends.

To begin; Weingut Judith Beck Pink. From a small 15-hectare estate in Burgenland, Austria which has been farming biodynamically since 2007; aiming to respect the environment and produce the best quality natural wines showcasing native Austrian varieties. Beck Pink is crisp, crunchy and bristling with tart reds fruits whilst being dry with zesty acidity. This is the perfectly paired with Grilled Cornish mackerel and pomegranate salsa or try with a sticky rack of ribs. In both cases the freshness cuts through the richness of these dishes and is very good indeed!


Next, Domaine Zafeirakis, Limniona Rose. Hailing from central Greece, in the foothills of Mount Olympus this unique rose wine is also an incredible must try! The grape variety Limniona is Pinot-esq i.e. an abundance of red fruits (strawberry, cranberry, cherry) with white floral notes, delicate dried herbs and a slight oily texture. This is a food friendly Rose which is refreshing, aromatic and delicious too. We love this with all Mediterranean foods, particularly good with a traditional Greek salad with Spicy cured salami and fresh mint.

We mentioned picnics, for our final recommendation to pair perfectly with your Cornish picnic! We have the WildSteps Malbec Rose Can which is pale in colour made from Organically grown Malbec grapes from high altitude Argentinean vineyards close to Mendoza. This works well with our Pelagonia Sweet and Piquant Cherry Peppers as pictured.

Rose Wine mixed cases

Inspired to try more Rose? We have just the solution with two fantastic Rose Wine 6 bottle cases which offer diversity, brilliant wines and great value.

Firstly, Not Just for Summer ROSE Case! 6 bottles for £65!! From Provence to Spain to Italy and even a Judith Beck Pink in this case. Each wine here holds its own and offers different Rose experience which is fantastic.

The second case is for Provence lovers of the prettiest pink-orange hues! Our Premium Provence Rose Case is the very thing. 6 bottles for £129 but these are the very best of our Provence wines for a great price.

However you enjoy your Rose wines, hopefully we have inspired you and remember Rose is not Just for Summer!