Aval Dor Seaberry Vodka

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When they learnt that their agronomist was planting Cornwall’s first sea buck plantation in neighbouring Lostwithiel, they could not wait to trial these delicious little berries in their spirits.

Four years since planting and the sea buckthorn trees are bearing their inaugural fruit.

The delicious little berries are picked within two miles of the distillery, juiced then pitched into their award-winning potato vodka, Aval Dor. Then they wait.

When the Head Distiller says the time is right, the seaberry vodka is fine filtered and hand bottled in small batches.

Cornish Sea Berry Vodka is sweet on the nose with intense tropical undertones.

On the palate this flavoured vodka is honied and exotic up front, with hints of citrus and mango. Finishing long and dry owing to the decadently viscous potato vodka paired beautifully with tart berry juice.