Pirineos 3404 Tempranillo Cabernet Rosado

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3404 has become the most fashionable number in the world of wine. This number represents the height of Pico Aneto, the highest peak in the Pyrenees. 

Founded in 1993 the Pirineos winery is the founding winery of Somontano. It is deeply rooted in society and has staunch support thanks to the participation of over 200 winemakers from the regional cooperative. Together with the backing of a major wine company and the finest wine professionals in Somontano, Pirineos boasts historic, unirrigated vineyards beautifully adapted to the rural environment.

Pale pink with a fragrant, fresh nose with aromas of violets, cherries, and roses. On the palate it's smooth with red fruits, good acidity and incredible freshness.