Foursquare Isonomy Exceptional Cask Selection Mark XX Rum and Doorly's 14 Year Old Gold Rum

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One bottle each of Foursquare Isonomy Exceptional Cask Selection Mark XIX Rum and Doorlys 14 Year Old Gold Rum. Maximum one order per household due to the VERY limited nature of the Isonomy!

Foursquare ISONOMY is the twentieth release (Mark XX) in the Exceptional Cask Selection (ECS) series. A seventeen-year-old blend of heavy and light Rums matured entirely in ex-bourbon cask American white oak at Foursquare Distillery located in the parish of St Philip, Barbados.

Presented at 58% ABV, this Rum is the oldest release to date from the team at Foursquare. ISONOMY provides first-hand confirmation that in the hands of an experienced Rum producer, the long years of maturation at source cannot be beaten in terms of both taste and authenticity. Soft and creamy up front, with all markers of a well matured, long aged Rum revealing themselves in a tasting experience that is engaging and long lasting. Truely a Rum you can spend quality time with.

Depicted in purple, the name ISONOMY is a nod to the previous non-Vintage ECS releases in the form of NOBILIARY and SHIBBOLETH. These releases also challenged perceptions and provided a delicious counterpoint to the award-winning Vintage series.

This Single Blended Rum is a blend of Rums distilled in the copper double retort pot still and the continuous twin column still of Foursquare Distillery. ISONOMY has not been chill filtered, and so some cloudiness may occur. This is Authentic Rum; No sweetener, other flavouring or colouring has been added.

Doorlys 14 Year Old Gold Rum is another fabulous rum from the Doorly's! Doorly’s Fine Old Barbados Rum Aged 14 Years is a blend of Pot and Column distilled rum. The rum has been aged for 14 years in ex-bourbon casks. A portion of the blend was aged in ex-Madeira casks. Woody oak notes dominate initially giving to some fruit. This is more dark fruits though – blackberries and some prunes. The palate has an almost charred note to it. Little bursts of vanilla and some ginger fade in an out of the mix. The mid palate shows more of the Madeira influence. Notes of red wine and blackberries mingle alongside dark chocolate and some faint notes of marmalade. Finish wise we are left with a spicy and slightly heated end to the rum – white pepper and lots of ginger and a trace of cinnamon. The finish is very long and the rum lingers for a long time.

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    FS Isonomy

    Posted by Simon Gaskell on 17th Sep 2022

    Great service and very grateful to be able to get hold of this bottle. Should have been free postage considering the spend and £7.95 was a bit steep but it arrived quickly.