Vincent Girardin, Bourgogne Chardonnay 'Terroir Noble' 2020

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Vincent Girardin Bourgogne Blanc 'Terroir Noble' comes from vines situated in the communes of Puligny, Chassagne and Meursault. Lovely and fresh with aromas of ripe lemon, apple and pear with a floral hint. Rich with stone fruits, melted butter and a creamy richness that linger on the finish. There’s lots of freshness and minerality. An exceptional value-to-quality Bourgogne Blanc from one of the great estates in Burgundy.

Perhaps one of the most well known names in Burgundy, the estate utilizes organic and biodynamic practices. In May 2012, Vincent Girardin sold his 55 hectares of vines spanning across the Côte de Beaune to Jean-Pierre Nié, the owner of Compagnie des Vins d’Autrefois in Beaune. Jean-Pierre, very sensibly, took the decision not only to retain Eric Germain (head winemaker) and Marco Caschera (sales and exports) but to make them substantial shareholders in the business.

As far as we are concerned, nothing has changed. They continue to work with the highest quality raw materials and Eric Germain continues to make the wines, as he has done for over fifteen years. Indeed, now that Eric is entirely free from other constraints, we have noticed the wines’ gain in precision over the last few vintages! There is no bâtonnage and extended maturation in barrel, giving the white wines greater tension, elegance, energy and purity.

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