Punset, NE? Langhe Bianco

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This white is called 'Ne?' after a popular Piedmontese slang, used to finish a sentence, similar to 'eh. It is a blend of Arneis, Favorita and Cortese, local grapes in Piedmont, that are aged in concrete vats. Rich and fruity on the nose displaying floral notes and white fruit flavours of banana and pear. This fruity sensation transitions in the mouth to deeper notes of honey, butter and a light acidity that swiftly cleanses the palate. Well structured with good balance.

Marina recommends to enjoy this wine as an aperitif, with fish or white meat.

While the vineyards that form Punset have been farmed by the Marcarino family for generations, it is truly thanks to Marina and her incredible energy that the estate is how it is nowadays. In the 1980s, she decided to pursue organic farming – a demanding choice that was rewarded by becoming the first estate to receive the organic certification in Italy. Her passion for the soil and the environment led her to embrace biodynamics and the agronomic philosophy of Manasobu Fukuoka. From one of the healthiest vineyards in Italy, Marina crafts wines that brim with life, energy, and pure terroir.