Jean-Marc Burgaud, Regnie Vallieres

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Bursting with aromas of cherries, raspberries and blackberries, complemented by subtle hints of potpourri and smoked meats. Medium to full-bodied, fleshy and enveloping, it's velvety and succulent, with an ample core of beautifully pure fruit that's girdled by melting tannins and lively acids.

From 50 year old vines grown in a sandy and stony soil, the youngest Beaujolais Cru (created in 1988) is characterised by its fruitiness, suppleness (fine and light tannin) and its roundness. We refer to it as feminine and cheerful.

The maceration of whole grapes in vats (both stainless steel and concrete vats are employed at the estate) is of varying duration depending on the vintage and the appellation, without heat treatment, without the use of specific yeasts, in order to obtain typical and terroir wines. The wines are raised in vats (stainless steel or concrete) or casks (Reserve, Javenniers, James cuvees) according to their characters and their origin for several months depending on the vintage and the appellation. They are lightly filtered (or not according to the cuvées), before bottling that takes place from April to August, depending on the vintage, appellation, and cuvee.

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