Artadi IGO Organic Garnacha Tinto - 250ml Can

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Premium organic red wine from the Navarra region of Spain produced from Garnacha grapes. Beautifully packaged in a handy canned 250ml format to enjoy on the go.

Organic. Wine of Spain.'Igo' is an organic red wine with a taste of adventure. Igo goes where you go, making it the ideal companion whether you're al fresco feasting or taking the midnight train to... well, anywhere, really. Crafted from youthful vines planted in the small town of Artazu, Navarra, Igo Red is beautifully balanced, bursting with vibrant red fruit flavours, 100% grenache and 100% organic. Each aluminium can is 250 ml, making it a generous serve for one, or ideal for sharing between two; the perfect accompaniment to warm summer evenings with friends The ultimate portable picnic accompaniment; compact, stylish, easily chilled and opened and fully recyclable. Igo Red in a can is the deliciously spontaneous answer to wine on the move. Wherever you go, Igo.

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